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Testimonials for the Center

"My family is very pleased that I have gotten help from this professional." ~ Randy

#1    As a patient of Cliff Crain for three years, I had the opportunity to see a wide variety of his techniques and results.  I have found him to be extremely observant, resourceful, and helpful.  He has helped me personally better understand myself, my interpersonal dealings, and key relationships.  

Cliff was also helpful to my spouse and me, working together with the two of us, helping us solve several core issues and providing useful tools with which to experiment and explore.  I also had other family members meet with him, and all seemed to find him easy to talk with and we all felt he was objective in dealing with all of us.  Overall, my family is very pleased that I have gotten help from this professional.

I have seen several different therapists in previous years / locales.  Cliff was able to diagnose several issues that had been long-standing with other professionals and actually help me RESOLVE the issues.  In one case, a diagnosis he made led to collaboration with my general practitioner/Doctor  -  and a practical solution to a long-standing issue was identified...leading to a definite increase in the quality of my life.

Cliff also seems to have a variety of "expertises" including the ability to address groups.  He crafted sessions for a men's group that I'm part of and the group seemed to really enjoy the two 1-hour sessions that he ran.  His knowledge of men's issues, couples issues and basic approaches to "negotiation" outcomes between parties was excellent.

I have sent friends to Cliff to pursue counseling and will continue to do so.  He is smart, gives out great resources (and "homework" if desired between sessions), is courteous, and seems to genuinely care about his clients.

Randy – university instructor

#2  I've known and worked with Cliff for nearly 20 years, first as a suddenly single parent with toddlers, in later years dealing with couples and step-family issues, and more recently meeting with Cliff's men's group, discussing "big picture" issues about life, relationships, and mindfulness.  Cliff is wise, kind, insightful, and patient. He always has an interesting anecdote, or helpful article, that illustrates or explains a new idea or approach. Aside from gaining self-awareness and support, I've also learned a great many practical things from Cliff that had an immediate impact my life and the lives of my family members. I would highly recommend Cliff to anyone seeking help with parenting, relationships, and life transition issues.
John B – attorney

#3 I must start by saying, my life is far better because of Liz Hannigan !  So many aspects I never knew could be improved by therapy have. Literally every aspect of my daily life has been influenced in a positive manner. I've been able to dissect past issues and how they created current problems. The work pays dividends forward that magnify and help you regrow your wings. I can't imagine a single person who wouldn't benefit from Liz' help. If you're reading this take the next step in faith and put in the work.  Your future self will most definitely thank you for what it does to improve your life.
John C – chiropractor

#4 Cliff Crain has been a colleague of mine both in school settings (the Pleasanton Unified School District) and in private practice settings for nearly 30 years. He is skilled working with a variety of clients. His style is engaging and he authors wonderful articles and newsletters on a variety of topics helpful for parents and couples. He is skilled at individual as well as group therapy and supports his clients' growth and well-being from his years of experience, clinical wisdom, and his wide knowledge base. I highly recommend Cliff as a therapist who is skilled, compassionate and dedicated. He is an excellent therapist and a man of high integrity.
Lennie – elementary school counselor

I cannot imagine what my life would be like if I had not started getting support at the Center. ~ Lori

#5  My experience with Cliff Crain and the Center for Creative living has been extremely positive. Through a friend's recommendation, I was referred to the Center and I am very grateful, to this day, for that recommendation.

I have been seeing Cliff Crain on and off for seven years; originally for couple's communications and relationship enhancement; but as life went on, I became challenged with harder and more difficult issues. He helped me have a better understanding of my son's issues as my son dealt with depression, anxiety and PTSD.

I have gone through a great deal of personal growth and development in the area of self-esteem enhancement. I found Cliff to be a skilled therapist with techniques that proved very helpful. As a result, today I have achieved more happiness in my marriage, with my family, and with my friends. Always professional, Cliff has helped me in all the above-mentioned areas, as well as helping me deal with life transition issues. My aging parents have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses, and Cliff has been most supportive.

I cannot imagine what my life would be like if I had not started getting support at the Center with Cliff Crain. He has been able to help me look more clearly at my life and help me make sense of why certain events have occurred and how I can best deal with issues. I am truly a better, happier person since seeing Cliff. I know I will continue to grow personally and be a more patient, loving and self-aware person because of my work with him.

I give my highest recommendation to those seeking counseling to see Cliff Crain at the Center for Creative Living in Danville.

Lori – interior design specialist

"I have recommended Cliff and Liz to many people through the years…" ~ Cindi

#6 I found the Center for Creative Living through the internet and I can't thank Cliff enough for his continued support for many years. I had gone through a devastating divorce and found Cliff very calming, non-judgmental, encouraging and trustworthy. Therapy is a process and it is amazing the clarity you get when you look deep into yourself. Because of Cliff, I am stronger, more confident and more authentic in my relationships, whether personal, business or social. Thanks also to Liz who headed a women's group that was very helpful and a wonderful support system. I have recommended Cliff and Liz to many people through the years and have never heard anything except positive feedback from my referrals.
Cindi – legal secretary

#7  I have had the good fortune of being a colleague of Cliff Crain's for the past 11 years. We have co-led the Danville Men's Group for several years and have attended various professional trainings together. His work, with its rigorous common sense approach, speaks to both men and women. Cliff's approach is informed by Eastern wisdom traditions (such as mindfulness) and he is a skilled practitioner of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy, which is an integrative therapy that helps one access, reprocess and integrate unresolved or traumatic memories and events from the past. He is also a valued educator offering classes to support families and individuals.

I have witnessed Cliff’s compassion, emotional intelligence and the wisdom of personal experience and reflection in the therapeutic process. Additionally, we have collaborated in working with couples and families where he has earned my respect and appreciation as well as the respect and appreciation of those in his care. I cannot recommend Cliff enough for those on the journey of discovery and healing.
Greg – Marriage & Family Therapist

#8  I met my fiancée after he and his ex has been separated.  To my surprise, divorce can mean forever when there are kids involved and even jealousy after one parent has remarried.  My fiancée and I met Liz and Cliff through the divorce court system,  which sent us to  A class had been offered by the Alameda County for free, but it is no longer the case because of the state budget.  The class taken at the Center helped and taught both my fiancée and me to stay strong and positive, and how to avoid the other ex-spouse’s negative talking and jealousy. The class gave different strategies about how not to put the kids in the middle.  I would recommend a co-parenting class/workshop given by the Center to ALL divorced parents/families even if you are a third party or don't think you really need it.  You will be surprised what you can learn and it is better than Kidsturn.
Lindsay – homemaker

"I HIGHLY recommend Cliff Crain to anyone seeking therapy." ~ Beth

#9 I have had the privilege of being a colleague of Cliff Crain's for the past 15 years. We worked together as counselors in the Pleasanton Unified School District and also as Marriage and Family Therapists in our own private practice offices. I refer people to Cliff because of his level of expertise as well as his warm, welcoming and effective approach. He does AMAZING work with couples, blended families, co-parenting, and children. He also is an excellent individual therapist. I only make recommendations to people that I trust are experts at what they do and I know have the capability to help people learn to create a life worth living. The person who can do that is Cliff Crain. I am very lucky to have him as such a reliable resource. I HIGHLY recommend Cliff Crain to anyone seeking therapy.
Beth – middle school counselor

#10  I met Cliff Crain & Liz Hannigan at a 40 Assets Seminar in Pleasanton, CA (Pleasanton Adult Education). Since then, my former husband &  I have been going to Cliff Crain at the Center for Creative Living for at least 3 years.  Cliff helps us navigate and work through the inevitable challenges of a co-parenting relationship after divorce.  Cliff has been extremely helpful, professional and knowledgeable.  I appreciate Cliff's ability to bring to the table an objective view while offering solutions that help my ex-husband & I co-parent in a mature manner. He has helped us in making the best decisions for our three children.  I highly recommend Cliff Crain, his experience and ability to remain neutral has helped our family significantly.
Cissy – teacher

#11 I have had numerous co-parenting issues with my son's guardian and myself. After meeting with Cliff Crain for a co-parenting class I was hooked. The class was very informative and helpful along with the other workshops offered by the Center for Creative Living: 1-2-3 Magic, Proactive Parenting, and Parenting Teenagers to name a few. I found the Center to be a great place to learn new and positive techniques about raising kids. I highly recommend Cliff Crain as an outstanding therapist and teacher.
Hans - security officer

#12  I have the highest regard for Cliff, not only as a very skilled and knowledgeable therapist, but as someone possessing extraordinary patience, wisdom and kindness. I have known Cliff for many years, and he has helped me immensely during, by far, the toughest times in my life. Through sessions with him, I have learned a lot, particularly in the area of self-understanding and mindfulness. His patient, empathetic yet straight-forward and direct, honest approach strikes a really effective balance in my opinion. I have also benefitted from working with Cliff in group counseling sessions, as he fascilitated a Men’s Group I was in for several years.  It became clear to me that he treats everyone with the same kindness, respect and professionalism that I had benefitted from during individual sessions. I would highly recommend Cliff to anyone in need of a great therapist.
Lynn – stock broker

#13  At an early age I dreamed of working as a firefighter. I made it to the big leagues working for one of America's largest cities and on one of the busiest firefighting companies. My career ended suddenly due to an industrial disability and I had to figure out my purpose in life. After working briefly with other counselors, I became discouraged, as no one seemed to understand what I saw as a firefighter and how much the job defined me as an individual. I met Cliff and began a long journey, healing not only from the physical, but the mental wounds of working as a first responder.
Cliff is caring, knows when to dig in to make you challenge your beliefs, and will always be there to support you in life's journey as you grow. I owe a lot to Cliff and am grateful for finding him out of the masses of  "counselors." Cliff is a true professional. He was  an early pioneer in treating PTSD using EMDR.  I am pleased to recommend him as a quality therapist.

Drew – Marketing Executive

I grew up with no one believing me about being sexually abused. ~ Tasana

#14 I am a child sexual-abuse survivor. My stepfather used me as his sex toy in our trailer from the time I was 9 years old until I was 13. I grew up with no one believing me about being abused, including my mother. She just told me “Don’t rock the boat.” and “Get over it.” 

When I was 14 my mom and stepdad divorced. Mom and I moved to another state. At my new high school I soon got a bad reputation. My teenage years became a time of promiscuous behavior blurred by drugs and alcohol. I am sometimes amazed that I survived those years. Later, as a young adult, I escaped my home environment by marrying an abusive narcissist. We soon had three children. Finally I got divorced and soon after remarried. This second marriage - like my entire life to that point - became filled with dishonesty and squabbles. I did not know how to speak up for myself and/or set boundaries. The downward spiral of my life finally brought me the help I needed. 

To “fix” my second marriage, I began working with a therapist doing couples counseling. The therapist wisely told me that I needed to work on my early childhood trauma. He recommended EMDR with Cliff Crain. I made an appointment at the Center and that has changed my life. 

Now, in my mid-forties, I feel I am finally becoming an adult. I have learned the following: to have compassion for the little girl I once was, to forgive those who have hurt me, to honor my feelings, to set personal boundaries, to negotiate for my needs, and to live with personal integrity. I am still with my second husband and we live a relatively normal and happy life. Thank you Cliff. 

I want to highly recommend Cliff Crain as a compassionate and skilled therapist.

Tasana – bank manager

#15  I would like to recommend Cliff Crain as a counselor/personal coach. My mother met him years ago when he was teaching a single parenting class. She liked him and took me as a high school student to start therapy with him. My father died when I was a Freshman and I was struggling with high school. Cliff has helped me, over the years, find my way. He was there for me as I struggled with in my phlebotomy school. He was there for me as I finally found a job in my new field. He has been there as I struggled finding housing. He was there to help me make some sense of some of the turbulent relationships I have had with girls over time. I found that, no matter what problem I have had to face, he has been there to support my growth. He’s been my ‘rock’! I still see him and value the time I have spent in his office.
Zeek – phlebotomist

#16 Several years ago my girl friend asked me to try counseling. I have always been a loner and somewhat uncomfortable around others. After working with Cliff Crain, I came to find out that I had been struggling with Asperger’s syndrome my entire life. I also deal with Chrone’s Disease. These two medical issues have impacted many aspects of my life. Not understanding about Asbergers cost me my first wife. Cliff was the first professional to accurately identify my problem. I am much better now (even my girlfriend thinks so). Although I am still an introvert, I feel much more confident about myself and how I am relating to others. I give Cliff ‘two thumbs up’ as a skilled professional therapist and as a caring man.
Kenny - computer programmer

Cliff was able to put an end to my panic attacks and he even helped me become a better husband and father. ~ Tom

#17 I suffer from anxiety and have had panic attacks for much of my adult life. As a professional, part of my job was standing up and speaking in court. I had to hide my anxiety from co-workers and clients. It got to a point where I thought I might lose my job as a litigator. That brought me to the Center for Creative Living. I had taken some parenting classes in Pleasanton and met Cliff Crain in his role as a teacher. I felt comfortable with him and asked him to help me with my anxiety. As it turned out, he was able to put an end to my panic attacks, lessen the severity of my anxiety, and he even helped me become a better husband and father. I have referred a number of my friends to him. At this point, I have come to see him not only as a skilled professional therapist, but also as a true friend. I give him high praise.

Tom – attorney

#18 I found the Center online and made an appointment seeking help with my girlfriend. I am a practicing doctor and in my professional world I have always felt quite competent. Socially, though, it’s a different story. I have always struggled. Migrating to California from Thailand by myself, after growing up in a large family, I found myself lonely and strangely ill-at- ease in the presence of young women. My girlfriend accused me of being controlling and she encouraged me to seek counseling. Working with Cliff Crain has changed me in very positive ways. Cliff has helped me become pro-active. He has introduced me to Covey’s “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” and he helped me understand and adopt many of the life skills that are contained in that powerful book. I am still a work-in-progress, but I am much happier; and, “Heh”, my girlfriend is much happier with the new me! :)

I highly recommend Cliff for people, like myself, who want to learn better relationship skills. He is very supportive and can be a great resource.
Somsak – MD