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Parenting: Articles & Resources


Note: any article can be downloaded after it is opened. This is done by opening the article in Adobe Acrobat, and clicking the 'down arrow' button on the right-top of the document. 

#1 A Way to Improve Family Relationships
A client who was hoping to improve her relationship with her husband recently emailed a question to me. It got me to thinking about the value of giving appreciations daily. This article is in response to Frustrated Mom’s question. (Read more)


#2 Becoming a ‘Pro-Active’ Parent
You often hear people talk about being “pro-active” but it has been my experience that most people only have only a vague sense of what the concept really means, and even fewer actually have developed the life-habit of being proactive. So, let’s explore the meaning of being “pro-active” as a parent. (Read more)

#3 Five Keys to Positive Discipline
I have never met a parent who did not want what was best for his child. Yet, I have met many parents who felt that being a good parent is something that should happen naturally, without effort. This has not been my personal experience. As a father of two, I have learned that regardless of how much I love my children, successful parenting requires a lot of work. (Read more)

#4 Mindfulness for Parents
The term mindfulness is used to describe the practice of paying attention, focusing the mind, to the present moment in a non-judgmental way. (Read more)

#5 Parenting Teens with Love & Logic
One of the best parenting books available for parents of teenagers (or pre-teens) is Parenting Teens with Love & Logic by Jim Fay. In this article we look at a few of the many ideas shared in this best selling book. (Read more)

#6 Six Ways Kids Test & Manipulate Parents
Frustrated kids try to find ways to get what they want. This is normal. Their behavior, although annoying, has a purpose. (Read more)

#7 Ten Common Mistakes Parents Make
There is a better way! In this article you will find ten common mistakes some parents make (perhaps even you sometimes?) and some alternates for more effective parenting. (Read more)
#8 What Teens Need in Order to Thrive
We know that just supplying children the basic needs is not enough if we want our children to really thrive! Our success at providing the secondary needs is crucial for our child’s successful development into adulthood. Let’s look … (Read more)

#9 Family Meetings Family
meetings might be the single most powerful parenting technique. This short article helps you create successful meetings. (Read more)

#10 Five Keys to Better Family Relationships
An article designed to help you improve family bonds. (Read more)

Parenting: Resources

#11 Best Parenting Books
A list of powerful parenting books recommended by the Center. (Read more)

#12 Best Parenting Practices – the newsletter
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#13 Championing Your Child
A list of age-appropriate affirmations to use with children. (Read more)

#14 Co-parenting
Information about how best to help your child after a divorce. (Read more)

#15 Creating a Difficult Teenager
Well-intentioned parents often create problems for their children. This is a list of some simple rules that parents unwittingly follow that help to create an angry, distant and/or difficult teenager. (Read more)

#16 Life Savers:Phases that encourage your child’s self esteem (Read more)

#17 Self-Awareness Form
This is a practical discipline tool to use with children 9 -16 years of age. (Read more)

#18 Self-Quiz for Parents
This is a self-evaluation form designed to assist parents is understanding many of the most important things they can do to help prepare their children for the road ahead. (Read more)
#19 The 40 Developmental Assets
In research conducted by Search Institute of almost 150,000 students in 27 states, these 40 assets were shown to have a strong correlation with success in school and in life. For more information, see (Read more)

#20 Thirty-three Gifts that Make a Difference
This is a list of activities parents can do with children to connect and build a closer parent-child bond. (Read more)
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