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"Love is not enough."

Classes, Workshops and Groups

Life is a rewarding,  yet often we can feel overwhelmed. At the Center we offer support, with new ideas to help. Love is not enough. Many well-intentioned people did not get the support needed in their families growing up, and they are just not equiped to live life effectively.  It is like they were given a map of Arizona to navigate life, and they are now living in California. Applying effort and love - without an accurate map - just leads to more frustration. We can help. The workshops listed below have helped many over the years since we opened the Center.  Practical tools are explored to make relationships work in a much healthier way. Let us help you meet your goals and improve your life.

This class helps you move on with your life..."

Co-Parenting Series

If you've gone through a difficult divorce, this class helps you move on with your life while still supporting your children. Parents do not need to attend the class together to benefit from the information offered. It involves six 2-hour sessions and a certificate of completion is given out to all participants. This is a resource that is offered year-round, and includes the following:

Certificate Of Completion

Workshop #1: Introduction and Co-Parenting
Workshop #2: How Divorce and Separation Impact Children
Workshop #3: The Divorce Recovery Process/Emotional Bank Account
Workshop #4: Effective Parenting As a Co-Parent
Workshop #5: Dealing with Anger and Difficult Ex-spouses
Workshop #6: Forgiveness, Dating, and Step-Family Issues

When: Thursday Nights 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Next Start Dates:  TBA
Where: Center for Creative Living in Danville
Fee: $180 Per Person for the Series (6 Workshops);
              or $35 Per Person per Workshop
To Register: Send a check made out to the Center for $50 to register and to purchase a workbook.

"A must-take class ..."

1-2-3 Magic: Effective Discipline

This is a must-take class for parents of young children from 3-10 years of age. Its focus is on how to use a powerful technique, developed by Dr. Thomas Phelan, which helps parents teach appropriate responsibility to their children while reducing tension in the home.

When:  TBA

Where: Center for Creative Living in Danville

Fee: $35 Per Class/ $50 with partner

To Register: Call the Center - 925-855-1745  ex2

Woman With Her child

"Helping your child prepare for a successful life."

Being a 'Love and Logic' Parent

Improve your relationships as a parent with our two-hour parenting course. This is intended to be a fun and lively class, designed to help parents become more effective and successful. It helps you with deal with homework, motivating your child, and provides alternatives to punishment. Our love and logic parenting techniques build the parent-child relationship by establishing family rules and teach children life-skills (including academic success). This is a must-take class for parents who are serious about helping their child prepare for a successful life.

Where: The Center for Creative Living in Danville

When:  TBA

Fee: $50 Per Workshop - Call 925-855-1745  ex 2 to register.

Father With His Child

       Helping your child be calmer and more aware! Mindful Parenting

Become more understanding of what your child is going through with through our mindful parenting course. This is a practical exploration of ways to parent more mindfully. Participants must register ahead of time to join.

Where: The Center for Creative Living in Danville

When:   TBA

Fee: $40 Per Workshop - Call to register.

Help for Parenting Teenagers

Practical ideas to help parents with teenagers.

Call the Center if you would like to know more about this powerful class. There will be lots of hand-outs and information from the "Love & Logic" programs. Bring your questions!

Must register ahead of time to join.

When: TBA

Call for information.   925-855-1745  ex 2

Fee: $60 Per Couple; $45 Per Person

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Parents

Based upon the work of Steven Covey, this class explores ways to be more pro-active and effective in creating the life you want. It is an exciting class and it includes lots of practical techniques with handouts to help you make changes when you return home. Jump- start your life with this powerful class! Call to discuss if you would like more details.

Must register ahead of time.

When: TBA

Fee: $65 per couple; $45 per individual

Couples Communication:
"You Just Don't Understand!"

Relationships can be tricky. Most of us were not given a ‘road map’ to help us co-create healthy/loving relationships. Rather than give up, or blame your partner, why not get some new tools to help you clearly navigate through the normal difficult times that bog most relationships. Learn to speak your truth with a compassionate voice, and get your needs met within your primary relationship.

Must register ahead of time.

When: Call the Center for information 925-855-1745

Fee: $65 per couple; 40 per individual

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