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"Mankinds greatest discovery is that a human being can improve                                                                                        his life by altering his attitudes of mind."

                                                                 ~ William James, philosopher

Individual and Family Therapy In a Caring Environment

When life leaves you feeling overwhelmed, turn to the caring team at Center for Creative Living. Located in Danville, California, we help people all over the Tri-Valley area reach their personal goals and feel better about their lives. Whether you are having anger or self-esteem issues, need help parenting, need to jump-start your relationship, or seek help for someone you love; we can provide the help needed to get back on track. The peaceful environment at the Center offers a soothing place to overcome addiction, depression, or whatever life-issue with which you may be struggling. Give us a call.

"Real intimacy is never easy..."

Relationship Issues

Real intimacy is never easy. Sometimes people think, "I want my  soulmate right now!"  Or, clients come into the office thinking the entire problem iresides with their partner. Unfortunately, these approaches are not usually successful. With role expectations and the other normal challenges in a relationship, it can be quite difficult for people to create the  loving relationship they seek. At the Center, we've learned that in order to have a successful, loving relationship, we must be willing to work on our individual issues first, and then on relationhip building.                                                                    

During our relationship therapy sessions, we explore the following:

• Negotiation Skills
• How to Be Compassionately Assertive
• How to Be a Loving Listener
• How to Clarify Our Expectations
• How to Be Playful and Intimate
Couple In Session With a Therapist

Parents Reading To Their Children

"Raising a self-reliant child ..."

Parenting and Co-Parenting Issues

Raising a self-reliant child in a seemingly crazy and self-indulgent world can be extremely difficult for a parent. This is a challenge that all parents face, but you don't have to be limited to what you learned while growing up. Becoming a parent does not guarantee having effective parenting skills, and just loving your children is sometimes not enough. With our parenting and co-parenting sessions, we offer:

• Individual Counseling
• Family/Parenting Consultations
• Free Best Parenting Newsletter
• Co-Parent Counseling
• Classes and Support Groups
• On-going Co-parenting Classes

For articles and resources, visit Parenting.

"The first step can be the most difficult..."

Help for Depression

The first step towards overcoming depression is to recognize that you are depressed. We offer the support you need to begin your journey back from suffering. Let us help you.. We have helped hundreds of people find their way to a better, more fulfilling life. A variety of psychological options are available to get you back on your feet, including brief therapy, EMDR, EFT, inner-child work, and cognitive restructuring.

Anger Issues

No one is born angry, and no one needs to go through life with a "chip" on his or her shoulder. Anger is often a secondary emotion; meaning that it is always the activated feeling that lies on top of our other feelings. It is not unusual  for some of us feel angry (often or all the time) when our underlying feelings of hurt, embarrassment, fear, shame, betrayal, helplessness, loneliness, or sadness remain underneath. We can help you understand and heal from this challenging pattern.

Self Confident Woman Running In a Field

"They eventually believe their negative self-judgments."

Self-Esteem Issues

People with low self-esteem tend to follow life patterns that unintentionally hurt themselves and those they love. They often try unhealthy ways to cope with their problems. Some turn to drugs or alcohol, others becoming overly aggressive; while still others end up as victims or pleasers—seeking love in the wrong places. Those with low self-esteem can also fall into other traps, becoming overly loyal, insensitive, arrogant, or depressed. They inappropriately push others away.

Having low self-esteem can make you feel like you have a ticking time-bomb inside yourself. Although a person may find brief periods of contentment, they will eventually believe that their negative self-judgments like "I am not worthy," "I am not good enough," or "I am stupid," are correct. This does not have to be the case. This is a treatable issue and we have many theraputic interventions that have proven themselves beneficail. Let us help you!

EMDR Therapy

"Positive change often takes place much more rapidly ..."

EMDR and EFT Therapy

EMDR  (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprossessing) is a powerful and effective therapeutic tool to help people tap into their creative energies. It helps us to remove the psychological blocks from traumatic experiences that may have impeded our progress. It also helps reduce anger and reactivity.  EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) is designed to address stress in a variety of situations, such as: work, intimate relationships, parenting, social interations, and many more. With these  two theraputic techniques,  positive change often takes place  much more rapidly than when using more traditional types of talk therapy.

"There are many pitfalls that loving adults fall into..."

Help for Step-Families

Creating a peaceful step-family can be a challenge, even for the strongest and most capable parents. There are many pitfalls that loving adults can easily fall into when they attempt to blend two families. If being a parent is seen as a wonderful and challenging experience, then being a step-parent can be viewed as the graduate course. Liz and Cliff  have been in a step-family since the mid-1980s. We know how challenging this can be. This is not just "book knowlege" as we have had to "walk the walk". We can help. 

Happy Step-Parents With Their Step-Children


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